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VoIP Phones for Business

Phonate Cloud Communications makes selecting the right VoIP phone easy. Choose from different desktop VoIP phones, conference phones from the industry's BEST manufacturers. Whether you need multiple line appearances, dual Ethenet ports, have a tight budget or are looking to please that high-ranking executive, Phonate Cloud Communications has a VoIP phone solution for you. 


All of our IP phones are fully warranted, supported by our in-house experts, SIP compliant and work in conjunction with most of the popular VoIP Phone Systems on the market such as PHONATE and 3CX. 

Purchasing your IP phones from Phonate Cloud Communications means that you’ll be able to use all the features with PHONATE Hosted Solution or 3CX Hosted Solution right out of the box. Our IP business phones are configured with the latest firmware so that you’ll be ready to work.


Yealink is a global brand that specializes in video conferencing, voice communications and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, innovative technology and user-friendly experience. As one of the best providers in more than 140 countries and regions, Yealink ranks No.1 in the global market share of SIP phone shipments (Global IP Desktop Phone Growth Excellence Leadership Award Report, Frost & Sullivan, 2018).

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Snom is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. Snom produces robust, high-quality and feature-rich business telephones designed exclusively for the trained and certified professional IT and PBX installer, and universally compatible with the leading PBX platforms.


Cisco IP Phones empower your business with a new collaboration experience that connects you with the right people, with the right information at the right time, so you accelerate team performance and maximize your business results. Effective collaborative experiences among individuals and teams can help you harness the power of your busy professional staff by enabling them to collaborate confidently with customers, partners, colleagues, and suppliers.

Fanvil is an established VoIP desktop phone developer and manufacturer from China. Fanvil has grown into one of the largest and most popular VoIP phones around the world after recognizing the global demand for VoIP based telecommunication solutions. Fanvil produces devices for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. It is set to become a leading global IP voice and video terminal manufacturer, by providing cost efficient and innovative IP voice and video products. 


Grandstream Networks has been manufacturing award-winning IP voice and video telephony, video conferencing and video surveillance products since 2002. Grandstream offers video phone solutions to cut travel costs, VoIP phones that are ideal for small to medium sized businesses with their advanced features and functionality, and a cost conscious BudgeTone series that are perfect for bussines

VoIP Phones

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